1.7.0 changelog


Scheduling Geofencing
When defining availability in the scheduling system, you can now limit the availability to only apply to specific geographical areas. Check it out under Scheduling > Geofences, or watch the Sonar Cast!

Email/Canned Reply Variables
‘Account Name’ has been added as a canned reply variable and email variable.

Mailchimp Integration
Added an integration with Mailchimp under System > Integrations > Email Marketing Providers.

Scheduled Events
Packages can now be added and removed via a scheduled event.

RADIUS Reply Attributes
The number 0 is now accepted as a valid RADIUS reply attribute.

Fixed TowerCoverage lead submissions not containing link info as text in image descriptions.

Global Search
When searching for something that can match in multiple places (e.g. a MAC can be on both a customer account, and in inventory) all results are now returned, rather than just the first one found.

Address List Names
Address lists can now contain alphanumeric characters, spaces, dashes, and underscores.

When using PDN address allocation with Telrad, SIMs with no IP addresses will now be deleted. They will be re-added to the appropriate EPCs once an IP is associated. This does not affect the integration if you’re not using PDN address allocation.

Expiring Cards Report
The expiring cards report has been modified so that it now contains all expired cards, as well as all cards expiring in the next 3 months. Previously, it would only return cards expiring in the next 3 months.

Service Deactivation
You can no longer deactivate a service that is associated with a package.

KPI Endpoint
The ‘accounts_by_status_id’ property no longer contains deleted accounts.

Canada 80 Byte ACH Format
Updated the Canada 80 byte ACH format. It was improperly appending two zeroes to the ‘Z’ record totals.

Ticket Auto Replies
Ticket auto replies now default to being sent to the ‘Reply-To’ address, if one is set, rather than always using the ‘From’ address. This mirrors the logic used to set the email address on the ticket.

Sonar 1.7 out now!