1.6.0 changelog


DOCSIS Provisioning
Sonar now contains a DOCSIS provisioning module. Please see the Sonar Casts for more details!

Telrad Provisioning
Telrad integration has been improved by streamlining the commands sent for provisioning. SIMs are no longer deleted unless they are removed from an account. If ‘PDN address allocation’ mode is enabled, no provisioning commands will be sent until the SIM has an IP address associated with it. Finally, if there is no service plan on the account, the SIM will be set to ‘Inactive’ rather than being deleted.

Map Performance
Significant improvements have been made to map performance, especially for maps with hundreds of thousands of points. RAM and CPU usage has been significantly reduced on large datasets, as well as the overall performance of the map.

TowerCoverage.com Integration
All TowerCoverage path profile images are now stored on an EUS submission.

Autopay Webhooks
Added two new webhooks for autopay failure and success.

Map Account Export
Exporting the account data as a CSV from the geographical map will now include the primary contact name and email address.

Inbound Tickets
The email address on an inbound ticket could sometimes be malformed and require editing to be valid. Any existing tickets with malformed email addresses have also been fixed.

ARPU via KPI endpoint
Added ARPU to the KPI API endpoint.

Multi-User Filtering
Fixed an issue with multi-user filtering in the schedule list view.

Accounts With No IPs Report
Added a new report to show accounts with no IP addresses.

When using the global search, results were previously limited to 250 in total. This meant that if your search term was found 250 times in one item (for example, in tickets) it would exclude all other results. Searching is now limited to 50 items per type (so, 50 account results, 50 ticket results, 50 contact results, etc) to prevent this behavior.

Telrad Integration
When checking the status of the Telrad integration, Sonar will now also verify the path to the ‘ncs-cli’ binary is correct.

Form 477 Voice Report
The FCC Form 477 generator now includes voice services.

account.service.delete Webhook
The ‘account.service.delete’ webhook now includes the service metadata, if any existed on the deleted service.

Fixed a few bugs with delinquency exclusions that could cause accounts to flip between delinquent states during billing.

Monitoring Templates
Added a generic DOCSIS cable modem monitoring template.

Poller Configuration
When adding or editing a poller, subnets that are not currently being polled have a highlighted checkbox.

Monitoring Templates Editing
Editing a monitoring template could cause existing model types to become unchecked erroneously.


The MAP seems to have lost functionality. We are no longer able to see which customers are connected to which ap like we could yesterday.



Please send the details in to support so they can troubleshoot this with you and get it escalated.


I just opened a ticket up with some more details.