1.5.2 changelog


Telrad Specific EPCs
You can now configure specific EPCs under Network > Provisioning > LTE Integration and associate them with specific IP pools. This will cause SIMs to be added to these specific EPCs when provisioning. Telrad provisioning has also been modified so that SIMs that don’t have any service plan associated with them will not get added to BreezeView, and will be removed if a service plan is removed from an account. This is to eliminate issues with large networks where many unassociated SIMs can exceed the capacity of an EPC.

Due Invoices Report
The ‘Due Invoices’ report now contains account groups.

Invoice Detail Page
The invoice detail page now contains the total due for the master invoice. Previously, it would only show totals for the child invoices, with the master invoice being shown on the first page.

Aged Receivables
The ‘Aged Receivables’ report no longer contains accounts with nothing due, and no available funds. The available funds calculation is now correct, and always shows the current available funds, regardless of the date the report is run for.

CDR Billing
Fixed a bug that could cause billing to fail to complete for a customer if the total of their billable calls equaled zero, and CDR rating was being utilized.