1.5.1 changelog


Incomplete Jobs
The ‘Incomplete Jobs’ table now shows only incomplete jobs.

Transactions by General Ledger Code
The ‘Transactions by General Ledger Code’ report now properly shows the GL code description in the ‘Description’ column.

Fixed a bug that could prevent service creation or updating with certain options selected.

Find Available Times
The ‘Find Available Times’ function in the scheduler would exclude time earlier than the current time, even on future days.

Aged Receivables
The aged receivables report was including void credits in some calculations.


Applied 1.5.1 and aged receivables is still including transactions other than over due accounts. I see almost my entire customer list when I click on Aged Receivables from the home screen. Verified with 2 browsers and a cleared cache.



Nothing has changed with the accounts displayed, this just removed void credits. If you’re having an issue with it, please shoot in an email to support@sonar.software so we can get a ticket open to assist.