1.5.0 changelog


Integration with Avalara is now available for automated tax calculation. Please see the documentation and Sonar Casts for more details.

Aged Receivable Report
At long last, the aged receivable report can be run as of a specific date.

Search via API
Exposed RADIUS accounts and inventory model field data as searchable items in the API.

Transactions by General Ledger Code
The aggregate tables in the ‘Transactions by General Ledger Code’ report have had the code description added.

Procera 18.1
Added support for Procera 18.1 firmware.

Account Service Metadata Webhook
There is now a webhook that can be fired when account service metadata is updated.

Multiple Ticket Parties
Tickets can now have multiple recipients assigned to them. If an email address is added to the ‘CC’ field on an inbound ticket, it will be automatically added as a recipient in Sonar. You can also add and remove these recipients manually if desired.

DHCP Server Identifiers
Updating a DHCP server identifier will only cause a rewrite to occur if the reservation previously had a different DHCP server identifier string. For example, if you add a new pool to the new identifier, it will now only rewrite reservations in that new pool, not all pools associated with the identifier.

Updated the MailXStream invoice template to use new required margin settings. Please upgrade immediately if you are using MailXStream.

Account Service Metadata
Account service metadata is now available from the account service API endpoints.

Account Custom Field Report
The ‘Account Custom Fields’ report now contains the account status.

Improved IPAM rendering speed for large datasets.

Scheduled Event Report
‘Remove Service’ scheduled events now show the service name in the scheduled events report.

Find Available Times
The ‘Find Available Times’ function in scheduling will no longer return times for the current day that have already passed.

Inbound Tickets
Inbound tickets will now default to using the ‘Reply To’ address, if it exists on the email, rather than the ‘From’ address.

Threshold Violations
If you monitored the same OID in multiple monitoring templates, thresholds configured in one template could affect devices using the other(s).

Package Addition
Adding a package to an account will now fire the ‘account.service.add’ webhook for each service in the package.

Incomplete Job List
Significantly spend up loading time of the incomplete jobs list on the dashboard. This fixed a bug that could sometimes present an error if the data took too long to load.

Network Dashboard
The network layout dashboard would sometimes render in an invalid way, making it look super weird.

Service Metadata Display
Services in the CRM now display their metadata again.

FNAME and LNAME variables in Canned Replies
Removed these variables in canned replies. Since tickets are not associated with a particular contact, there is no ability to replace these variables.


Since the upgrade to 1.5, all of our successful jobs show up on the home page under “Incomplete Jobs”. If I click on one, it takes me to the completed job and shows it marked as complete but the home page list is not recognizing that.


This’ll be fixed today.


Where is a good place to find out what has changed in the Procera 18.1 firmware?


Nothing has changed in Sonar with 18.x, I’m not sure if there is anything significant new. I’m not sure Procera posts public release notes.