1.4 changelog


Sonar Pulse
Sonar has a new module named ‘Pulse’ that will scan your network infrastructure to build a logical map of each network site, showing the connectivity between devices, as well as connected accounts. Please check out the relevant Sonar Casts for more details.

Upstream Parents
Inventory items assigned to accounts will now show any devices at network sites that they are connected to.

Polling Frequency
You can now configure a separate polling frequency for account and infrastructure equipment under Network > Monitoring > Polling Configuration.

Service Metadata
The service metadata fields are no longer shown when creating or editing a service that is not recurring or expiring, as these fields cannot be set on those types of services.

Mass Email
The mass email tool now offers the ability to limit recipients by network site. This feature uses the automatic network mapping system to determine which accounts are connected to which network site, and then limits the recipients accordingly.

Procera Integration
Updated the Procera integration to support firmware version 17.2.

Service Distribution Report
Fixed an error in the service distribution report that would exclude data if services had duplicate names.

MailXStream Printing
When sending invoices to MailXStream, a local print batch is now also generated. This allows you to see the invoices included in the remote printing, and suppresses the ‘Invoices to Print’ notification on the dashboard.

Schedule Blockers
The schedule blockers list now shows the start date as a column.

Netflow Whitelisting
Added an option to the Netflow parser that allows you to create a whitelist. Only data originating from or destined for IPs in this whitelist will be stored when whitelisting is enabled. The default behavior is the same as prior to the entry existed, which is that data originating from or destined for any customer IP is stored.

Fixed some file downloads that would not append a file extension when using Firefox.

The main map now shows links between towers, and allows you to filter displayed accounts to only those connected to specific towers.

Poller Subnet Priorities
You can now set a priority on a subnet when associating it with a poller. If a device has multiple IPs associated with it and the poller is setup to poll in all the related subnets, the poller will now prefer the IP with the lowest subnet priority value, rather than picking an IP at random.

Baicells Integration
Baicells integration is now available under Network > Provisioning > LTE Integration. Please see the Sonar Casts video for more details!

Inventory Webhooks
There are two new webhooks available that are triggered when inventory items are added or removed from accounts or network sites.

Tax Overrides
Applying a tax override to an account now creates a log message.

Job Triggered Emails
Job triggered emails are no longer sent on job updates unless the scheduled date/time changes.

Aged Receivables
Fixed a bug in the aged receivable report that would include all invoices in the detailed list, regardless of whether or not ‘Include invoices with dates in the future’ was checked.

Transactions by General Ledger Code
Fixed a bug in this report, where discounts applied in the summary report were included by credit date, but the credit details in the detailed table were by discount date.

Procera Session Context
Sonar will now create a hierarchy of parent/child information using the new Session Context functionality available as of Procera firmware 16.x. Please see the Sonar Casts videos for more details on this new feature!

Expiring Cards Report
The expiring cards report now has a column to show whether a payment method is set to automatic or not.

Invoice Detail Page
The additional pages on an invoice now have the account ID printed on the lower right hand corner.

Searching for strings that look like MAC addresses in the global search will no longer fail to return results, if the subject of your search is not actually a MAC address.

Contract Email
The email message for ‘Contract awaiting signature’ now allows the contract template name to be used as a variable.

Automatically Delete Expired Cards
There is now a toggleable option under Financial > Billing > Billing Configuration to automatically delete expired credit cards. This is defaulted to ‘Off’.

Contact Information Report
The contact information report now contains the account status as a column.

Inline Devices
Sonar will automatically validate the address lists on inline devices when they move from a bad to a good status.

Support Helper
There is a help icon at the top right that provides a list of available support and training information, as well as a button to view the status of your feature requests, and submit new feature requests.

Ticket Mass Actions
Multiple tickets can now be closed or deleted from the ticketing interface.

Payments Report
The payments report contains two new columns - Applied and Remaining. The ‘Applied’ column shows the amount of each payment that has been applied to an invoice, and the ‘Remaining’ column shows how much is left on the payment to be applied to future invoices.

Deposit Slip Tool
There is a new tool that allows you to select cash and check payments, and generate a deposit slip using them. This tool is under Financial > Billing > Deposit Slips. There is also a front page alert that shows a count of undeposited payments. For existing systems, you can create a deposit slip for all payments prior to a certain date to reset this counter and start over.

Mimosa Device Autoconfiguration
Mimosa autoconfiguration is now available! This requires a working RADIUS server with a specific configuration. Please see the documentation and Sonar Casts for in depth details on how to enable this feature.

Inventory Deployment Modes
You can now define deployment modes for inventory models. This allows you to define the different modes a device can be deployed in - for example, you can set the modes on a wireless radio to ‘Backhaul’, ‘CPE’, and ‘Access Point.’ Alerting rotations and monitoring templates can then be applied to specific modes, in order to allow more precise controls based on the function of the individual device.

Interface Graph Units
Fixed an issue where interface graphs may not display their unit labels correctly.

IP Assignments
IP addresses can now be assigned directly to inventory items, without specifying a MAC address. This allows you to bind multiple IPs to devices with many interfaces, without having to specify each interface.

Date Backup Date/Time
The ‘Date and Time’ column in the data backups table is now more accurate.

Accounts Activated Report
The ‘Accounts Activated’ report now includes the current account status.

Aged Receivables Available Funds
The ‘Aged Receivables’ report now has a column for ‘Available Funds’.

Past Due Stamp
Added a toggle under Financial > Invoices > Invoice Configuration to disable the ‘Past Due’ stamp on past due invoices.

Map Bounding Box
You can now draw a bounding box on the map. This will filter out all items outside the bounding box, and allow you to export the data within the box.

Transactions by General Ledger Code Totals
The ‘Transactions by General Ledger Code’ report now has totals on the tables.

Mimosa B5c Template
Added a monitoring template for the Mimosa B5c radio.

Invoiced Revenue Report
The invoiced revenue report would show inaccurate totals if services had identical names.

IP Pool Utilization Report
There is an IP pool utilization report available under Reports > IPAM > Pool Utilization.

Financial Dashboard
Fixed the graphs on the financial dashboard, so that they take quantity into account.

Triggered Emails
Fixed the ‘INVOICE_PAY_URL’ variable not working in some triggered emails.

The list of sub account transactions on a master invoice now shows the child invoice ID.

Payment Receipt
The payment receipt now includes a list of credits applied to invoices from the payment.

Fixed a bug that could cause users to receive notifications inside Sonar that relate to sections of Sonar they don’t have permission to access.

Invoice Number
The ‘Invoice’ header on the invoice PDF now says ‘Statement’ if a statement is selected.

Completed jobs now show more data in regards to the checked in users and how long they were at the job.

Geographical Map
The geographical map can now filter accounts that are connected to a particular device on a specific network site.

Sonar 1.4 out today!