1.4.37 changelog


Triggered Emails
Multiple triggered emails with the same trigger condition would be suppressed if one of the emails had no valid recipients. The ‘Enabled’ flag was also ignored on some triggered emails.

account.service.add Webhook
The ‘account.service.add’ webhook now includes the unique_service_relationship_id value.

Delinquency Checks
Previously, delinquency exclusions and unchecked delinquency days only applied to the automated daily delinquency check at 9AM. Invoices and accounts that were marked delinquent by other events (for example, by a payment being reversed on an invoice) could happen at any time. Now, delinquency exclusions completely block delinquency calculations for the day. Accounts that are delinquent will be marked delinquent on the next non-excluded day.

Accounts Activated Report
The ‘Accounts Activated’ report now includes the account type.

Prorating a transaction the day before billing could cause prorating to not be applied, with the message ‘Not applying a prorated transaction for service :name because the account is going to bill today.’ When checking if the date to prorate to was in the future, Sonar was also using the UTC timezone, which would give an erroneous ‘The day is in the future’ message in some circumstances.

Job Updates
Jobs with checked in users can now be edited.

Multi-User Jobs
Assigning multiple users to jobs without changing the scheduled date would fail under some circumstances.

Batch Payment Entry Tool
The batch payment entry tool will now show more customer information prior to payment application.

Fixed a counting error in the NACHA ACH batch generator that could sometimes calculate the wrong number of blocks.

Long Email Address Searching
Fixed an issue that could cause searching to return no results on long email addresses.

Zero Quantity on Services
Non data/voice services can now have a quantity of zero set. This will stop billing for the service. The main intent of this function is to allow integration with third parties like IPiFony, so that they can modify quantity on services via the API to prohibit billing, while leaving existing price overrides in place.

Scheduling Performance
Scheduling interface performance has been improved, especially with hundreds of queued jobs.

Inline devices in IPAM are now alphabetical.

Ticket Wrapping
Made some improvements to ticket wrapping when viewing tickets with very long words.

Fixed a few timestamps that were shown with the UTC timezone.

Mimosa Autoconfiguration
Fixed a bug that would cause Mimosa radios to not authenticate when getting their RADIUS configuration if some fields in the configuration template were left blank.