1.4.35 changelog


We’ve been able to work with Stripe to restore the ability for new customers to select Stripe as a credit card processor.

IPPay Refunds
Implemented a change that allows one time payments made via IPPay to be refunded.

Contact Information Report
Addresses, account groups, and coordinates have been added to the contact information report.

KPI/Statistics via API
There is a new endpoint at /api/v1/_data/kpi to pull the same KPI/statistic information shown on the main dashboard.

Task Webhooks
Two new webhooks have been added, triggered by task creation and update.


Is there documentation somewhere for the KPI statistics via API?


Just on the API docs inside your Sonar instance (System > Documentation > API)

It’s pretty much just a GET to /api/v1/_data/kpi - the fields are described in those docs.