1.4.34 changelog


Removed Stripe as a payment processor option due to their restrictive requirements on payment processing. We will continue to allow Stripe for any customer actively using Stripe, but we recommend looking at another processor, such as IPPay.

account.status Webhook
The account.status webhook could contain the wrong value for the ‘active’ property.

Update Inventory Item API Endpoint
The ‘Update Inventory Item’ API endpoint no longer requires that ‘fields’ property is submitted.

IP Assignment API Endpoint
The ‘inventory_item_field_id’ property on the IP assignment endpoint was incorrect.

Incomplete Jobs
The ‘Incomplete Jobs’ table on the dashboard is now visible to users without the scheduling super user permission. It will show them their own incomplete jobs.

Inline devices in IPAM are now ordered by name.


What do you mean here? We have had very good luck with them over the years.


They are restrictive on tokenization without using their hosted forms, which we’re not going to implement.


@simon - Good to know. Thanks.


We have used stripe for over four years with our hotpot and pay as you go options without issue. We are currently using with sonar and sadly if we lose thier functionaly it will force us to switch billing solutions. We came to sonar as it was flexible and accommodating and to make that call without polling customer base makes me wonder if that is changing. Stripe helped integrate with our quickbooks and it works well. We have had zero progress getting sonar to talk with quickbooks to our accountants dismay. We are happy with sonar but having to double book all accounts and paymemts is a waste of staff resources.


You can continue to use it if you’re using it today. It is a technical issue though, polling customers doesn’t solve the underlying issues that drove us to remove it.

There’s no reason to double post every transition either, by the way - most people just make a single general ledger entry. Feel free to hit up support for some tips, we put our own revenue into QuickBooks every month and it only takes a few minutes.


“You can continue to use it if you’re using it today. It is a technical issue though, polling customers doesn’t solve the underlying issues that drove us to remove it.”

As we use Stripe today I would like to clarify the above in regards to supporting its functionality - is there a point in time where the integration may no longer work and we would be forced to switch to another processor? You reference a “technical issue” - which would indicate that there is at least one requirement they require that you will not implement - which could mean that the integration may reach a point where it would no longer work and if you’re not actively supporting it we would be required to change at that time.

Which would be a bad thing if it happened around a billing cycle and we suddenly get thousands of dollars worth of failed payments.


As of this time, no. I can’t speak to any changes they may make in the future, but it makes it a bad choice for any customers looking for a new provider, so we’ve removed it for new users to select.

We’ll revisit it in v2 to see if we can rework the entire payment system in Sonar.

The worst case scenario I could foresee would be that you can’t tokenize new cards. There’s no reason existing tokenized cards should stop working.


I currently create card tokens via cURL with this method: https://stripe.com/docs/api?lang=curl#create_card_token

Seems like it would work with Sonar… Maybe I am missing a obvious problem but Stripe has been a dream to work with so far.


It works fine. They are sending customers emails saying that it is insecure and they need to change it to use the client side tokenization library.

Anyone who wants to keep using Stripe can. As long as they don’t remove the endpoints, it will keep working in Sonar. We are removing it for new customers due to this.

This may not be a long term thing. I don’t know right now. It’s nothing you all need to worry about if you’re currently using Stripe. The removal right now only affects new customers. Hopefully we can get it figured out with them and it’s only a short term suspension for new accounts to be created. Our #1 priority is ensuring security of billing data, and I’d rather remove a processor for new customers for a short period of time and ensure that.


Just an update, we’ve been able to figure this out with Stripe, and it’ll be enabled for new customers again in 1.4.35!