1.4.33 changelog


IPPay Canadian eCheck
More tweaks to the IPPay Canadian eCheck implementation at IPPay’s request. Please reach out to IPPay for more information on their Canadian eCheck offerings.

Provisioning Queues
Some additional provisioning queues have been added for mass events. This will speed up provisioning jobs being executed during mass provisioning rewrites, such as rewriting address lists on multiple MikroTik routers at once, or rewriting all DHCP leases on multiple DHCP servers.

Account Restoration
Restoring an account from the recycle bin will bring the next bill date forward, if it was in the past.

Account delinquency is now calculated at 9AM in your Sonar timezone.

Job Links
Jobs attached to network sites now have a link to the network site on them.

Physical Address
The account physical address is now shown on the account dashboard.

Ticket IDs
Ticket IDs are now shown in the ticketing list.

Email Variables
Two new variables, |FNAME| and |LNAME|, have been added to emails. These will attempt to deduce the first and last name of a contact based on the name configuration.