1.4.29 changelog


RADIUS Sessions
Sonar will now automatically clean up any old RADIUS sessions that are left behind as an artifact of changing your RADIUS server, or manually deleting sessions from the RADIUS accounting database.

Data Backups
The ‘Accounts’ data backup now contains the creation date, and tasks have been added to the data backup.

Billing Statuses
Deleting an inactive account status from the system and leaving it on customer accounts would cause those accounts to bill as though they were active.

Voice Providers
When importing an international rate deck, the percentage of increase can now exceed 100.

Next Recurring Charge
The ‘Next Recurring Charge’ displayed on a master account no longer includes inactive sub accounts.

Resolved a few proration issues tied to daylight savings time.

Ticket Merging
When merging two tickets, the comments and replies from the merged ticket no longer have their timestamps updated to the merge time.

Editing Data Service
When an account has multiple data services, editing an IP assignment to change the data service now correctly updates it to the new data service.