1.4.20 changelog


Verizon NetworkFleet
Verizon NetworkFleet tokens could expire and fail to refresh.

Device Status/Mapping
Fixed an issue that could cause device status to show incorrectly when using deployment types. Fixed another issue that could cause the Pulse mappings to not update on very large networks.

Telrad Provisioning
Significantly improved the speed of Telrad provisioning.

Name Overrides
Fixed service name overrides not being shown in scheduled events.

SMS Notifications
Capped the length of SMS notifications at 1000 characters.

Fixed an issue with the Stripe implementation, where updating the ‘Line2’ of the address to an empty field would cause Stripe to return an error.

Form 477
Removed an incorrect statement from the FCC Form 477 generator that claimed all customers are treated as residential. They are categorized by account type.

Job Contracts
Rescheduling a previously scheduled job will no longer resend any contracts associated with the job template.

Job Services
When adding services to an account due to job completion, if the service has a quantity greater than 1, it is added once with a quantity, rather than being added one time for each quantity.