1.4.14 changelog


Always Round Taxes Up
Fixed an issue with a decimal calculation when using ‘Always Round Taxes Up’ that could rarely round the tax amount up by a penny when it shouldn’t.

Telrad Integration
Fixed a bug in the Telrad integration that could cause the ‘Rewrite all SIM’ provisioning option to fail.

Credits Applied Report
The ‘Credits Applied’ report has been renamed to ‘Credits/Payments Applied’. It now contains a second table that shows all the payment application data for the date range selected.

Package Proration
When adding a package to an account, you can now prorate the addition as of a specific date.

When printing names with accented/special characters (e.g. è), the special characters were forced to lowercase.

SMS Notifications
SMS notifications will now contain a direct link to the source of the notification, where applicable.

Webhook Failures
Webhook failures are now processed via the Sonar notification system, rather than being emailed to ‘Super Admin’ users directly.

Schedule Blocker Sorting
Sorting schedule blockers by date now works.

Data Retention
Retention of monitoring and bandwidth usage data at minute by minute granularity has been changed to 6 months. This does not affect the persistent storage of billable and free data usage.

Model Deployment Types
Monitoring templates associated to model deployment types are now properly respected when viewing monitoring data on a device.

Invoice Remittance Slip
You can now hide the remittance slip completely on an invoice. This is configured under Financial > Invoices > Invoice Configuration.

Custom Inventory Assignees
Custom inventory assignees are now available to view to inventory users without inventory super user permissions.

Deposit Slips
Checks on deposit slips are now ordered by date.

Contract Signatures
Fixed an issue that could cause the signature to be cleared on digital contracts if the screen was resized, or a mobile device orientation changed.

Towercoverage Integration
The TowerCoverage integration is now more lenient on submitted addresses. For non-US addresses, as long as the address contains a valid state/province for the country your system is set to, the submission will be accepted.

Currency/Number Formatting
Fixed a few places where currency and number formatting wasn’t properly applied.

Proration Dates
Proration dates shown on debits were not properly formatted if you were not using US style date display.

Manual Link Deletion
Fixed a bug that prevented manual link deletion.

Checks Payable To
Not entering any information in the ‘Who should checks be made payable to?’ section of the invoice configuration page will now suppress the ‘Please make checks payable to…’ line on the remittance slip.