1.3.6 changelog


Aged Receivables
Fixed a bug in the aged receivable report that would include all invoices in the detailed list, regardless of whether or not ‘Include invoices with dates in the future’ was checked.

Transactions by General Ledger Code
Fixed a bug in this report, where discounts applied in the summary report were included by credit date, but the credit details in the detailed table were by discount date.

Inventory Mass Editing
Inventory mass editing did not respect the date range filters when fetching equipment to edit.

Text Overlapping and Run-offs
Fixed various issues with this throughout.

Search Result Details
This will no longer be hidden on touch-enabled Windows laptops and desktops.

Call Log Hiding
Fixed an issue where the call log interface could sometimes hide when it shouldn’t.

Filenames in Tickets
Long filenames will now wrap.

Contract Signatures
The contract signature page will now more reliably check that a signature has been provided before allowing submission.

Account One Time Transactions
This selector is now searchable.

Inventory Filtering
Filtering inventory by creation date in Firefox is fixed.