1.3.0 changelog


Auto Pay New Feature
You can now configure auto pay retry count and retry interval for credit card and bank account payments. These configuration options are under Financial > Billing > Billing Configuration.

Invoice Detail Pages New Feature
The invoice detail page now shows a quantity counter next to any transaction with a quantity greater than 1.

Recurring Service Quantity New Feature
Recurring services can now have a quantity set on them. This can be edited on existing services.

Billing Frequency New Feature
Recurring services can now have a billing frequency set. This allows you to bill for some services on a monthly basis (e.g. Internet access) and others on a different basis (e.g. a yearly domain renewal.)

Service Metadata New Feature
Each service can now have an unlimited number of metadata fields defined. This allows you to store service specific metadata on a per account basis. For example, you could define a field like ‘Domain Name’ on a domain renewal service, or ‘VLAN’ on a private circuit.

Prorated Discounts Modification
Prorated discounts created by adding discount services, or removing debit services, will no longer automatically apply the created discount to open invoices.

RADIUS Data New Feature
There is now an option to disable collection of data usage from RADIUS accounting.

Auto Billing Discounts Modification
Discounts applied when automatic billing runs are now applied directly to the invoice created at billing time, rather than first being applied to any old, open invoices.

Credit Adjustments/Discount Services New Feature
When adding a credit adjustment, or adding a discount service, you will now have the option to automatically apply the discount to unpaid invoices or only add the amount to available funds.

Service Addition Prorating New Feature
When adding a service to an account, you can now select a date to prorate as of.

ACH Batches and Refunds Modification
Previously, all reversed payments would be submitted as refunds in an ACH batch. From 1.3.0 onwards, payments will only be included as refunds if the ‘Refund’ checkbox is checked at the time of payment reversal.

Automatic Address Lists Modification
When creating an address list during service creation, spaces in the service name are now converted to underscores, and underscores are no longer stripped.

Text Editor Modification
The Sonar text editor has been replaced again!

RADIUS Framed-Route Attribute Modification
The ‘Framed-Route’ attribute is now written to RADIUS with a ‘+=’ operator, rather than ‘=’, to allow for multiple framed routes.

Accounts Without Inventory Report New Feature
There is a new report that lists all accounts without inventory.

RADIUS Accounts Bug Fix
Explicitly setting the data service on a RADIUS account now works.

Triggered Emails Bug Fix
Fixed some triggered emails ignoring the ‘From Address’ and ‘Email Template’ settings when sending.

Date Fields Bug Fix
Fixed some date fields erroneously defaulting to today’s date in Firefox.

Service Distribution Report New Feature
Added an option to hide deleted services, and services that have zero active/inactive accounts assigned.

Scheduling Bug Fix
Fixed a bug in the scheduling system where the scheduling interface would treat a ‘Repetitions’ value of ‘1’ on schedules or schedule blockers as ‘0’. Repetitions of ‘1’ means that the schedule or blocker will repeat one time after running the first time. You may need to edit existing schedules or schedule blockers if you were expecting a repetitions value of ‘1’ to mean the schedule/blocker only existed once.

Sonar 1.3 out today!

What about the fix for back billing?


What do you mean by ‘back billing’?


Let’s say I installed someone last Wednesday but my book keeper didn’t set it up in billing until today.


That would be covered by the option to prorate as of a prior date when adding services.


is that in 1.3 now?


Yes, it’s in the changelog above :slight_smile:


ok I see it now, duh!


What about the right justification on the invoicing?


The detail page on the invoice has been right justified for a little while, I don’t recall which update that was in though.


It is possible to add the prorating function for packages as well?
When we add a package to an account it can not be prorated.(we can not select a specific date).


Yes, I’ll add this to the list.




Just to check, when the prorating function for packages will be available?